It's that person. That one person that makes your heart skip a beat, or two, or three. That one person that makes you wonder why you hadn't met them earlier, why you were too stupid to realize that the best thing that could ever happen to you was standing, squatting, skipping right in front of [...]


a sweet disposition

All I ask for at the end of the day is you. There's a joy that fills my heart when I have the privilege and the honor of seeing you, your smile. Hearing your laugh makes me swell with an incredible amount of pride for God, who imagined that sound from nothing and gifted it [...]

dust to dust

They waved to me Back and forth so gently almost missed if you weren’t paying your attention your respects they didn’t demand they just were they became subtle cracks in the blank, soft blue canvas an emptiness now filled The silence would briefly pierce the low humming in the back imitating the ocean, but leaving [...]