I don’t mean to say this to disillusion you from the fabricated reality you’ve sewn carefully into your life. I say this to unravel a piece of it in an effort to bring us closer to the truth that we have too easily built over. What a tragic moment when we are awoken and are [...]



They became all you knew. For that part of your life, you knew nothing else... no one else. You built this grand illusion - a life you could have, a life you always wanted to have, and it had seemed so possible, as though God had finally granted you the chance. With some force of [...]

hidden treasure

to friendship Always. I always aspire to be the friend you deserve. Intently, intentionally listening because your life matters so much to me and what pains you pains me. My greatest fear is getting used to you, assuming you'll always be there, and taking you for granted. You are so precious to me and to [...]