I wanted to start a business last year. I bought “The Start-Up Equation,” "Nonprofit Fundraising 101," and “The Visual Marketing Revolution” on Amazon Prime and made up my mind to read them, cover to cover, by the end of freshman year. I thought about how to start a 501c3 and what forms I would have [...]


a love from miles away

But honey, think of all the people who will love and support you no matter where you are, who will listen to your worries and calm you from miles away, who will make time for you despite the great expanse of the ocean. Just think. How beautiful would it be to realize who believes you’re worth [...]

hidden treasure

to friendship Always. I always aspire to be the friend you deserve. Intently, intentionally listening because your life matters so much to me and what pains you pains me. My greatest fear is getting used to you, assuming you'll always be there, and taking you for granted. You are so precious to me and to [...]