not our fault

To no fault of our own — We grew up. We woke up to what was supposed to be another day blinded by the sun. The shells were never supposed to fall from our eyes to expose the reality that had conveniently hidden itself from us the entire time.


sweet bullshit

Destiny, fate, love at first sight… it was all bullshit* Everyone applauded us, praised us, for being the perfect pair, the partner they always dreamed of having but were never blessed with. We did everything for each other - or at least that’s what everyone thought. We created the perfect facade, devoid of mistakes and [...]

blinded affection

Relationships are complicated, and rightfully so. But sometimes... just sometimes... you wish things could work out simply, gliding along as each of the pieces fit together perfectly. Instead… it’s a mess. Puzzle pieces are broken and missing and the picture we thought it would be is shattered as we fit the last one into place. [...]