We don't know when we'll be the trigger for someone else - when the cock of the gun will be left ringing in our ears, when the pounding of our chest will hit those chambers one last time as the bullet punctures it, draining the blood and leaving it helplessly hollow. Filled with rage instead [...]


puzzled pieces

She sat at the food court, surrounded by her thoughts and a few others that had made their way out of the humidity that had embraced Boston these past few hours. She really did try - she sat out there in the cloud of heat for a solid five minutes before realizing it was gripping [...]

sorry excuse

"So how are you?" "Don't give me that bullshit. Tell me what you're really here for. We both know you don't give a rat's ass about how I'm really doing. You'll take the sugarcoated, nicely packaged answer any day over the real shit. Rawson, what do you really want to know?" "Why'd you do it, Sarah? After [...]

different plans

She tossed and turned in bed, blanket wedged between her legs so she could feel the cool breeze from the window. She turned around, expecting to be embraced by warmth, only to find herself snuggling into more blankets and pillows. 'Oh yeah, he wouldn't be there anymore. Silly. How could you even forget? It's been [...]