We don't know when we'll be the trigger for someone else - when the cock of the gun will be left ringing in our ears, when the pounding of our chest will hit those chambers one last time as the bullet punctures it, draining the blood and leaving it helplessly hollow. Filled with rage instead [...]


different plans

She tossed and turned in bed, blanket wedged between her legs so she could feel the cool breeze from the window. She turned around, expecting to be embraced by warmth, only to find herself snuggling into more blankets and pillows. 'Oh yeah, he wouldn't be there anymore. Silly. How could you even forget? It's been [...]


There are moments when I'll sit, staring at nothing... letting my gaze wander into my soul. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm doing life right, if the moments of doubt aren't bigger indicators of something else going majorly wrong in my life. There are no guidelines, checkboxes, rubrics to life, yet it feels [...]