There are moments when I'll sit, staring at nothing... letting my gaze wander into my soul. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm doing life right, if the moments of doubt aren't bigger indicators of something else going majorly wrong in my life. There are no guidelines, checkboxes, rubrics to life, yet it feels [...]



I’m tired of those two words. So quick, so impactful, so much. So unnecessary. Sometimes. I can’t help but wonder if I’ve oversaturated the space around me with these words. Diluting their importance in an effort to display sincerity. Ironic isn’t it? The two words meant to ease the heart has constrained it and has [...]


The words coming out of your mouth... they don't match. It's like watching your favorite show, but it's lagging. The words don't correspond to the words that you hear and you're left feeling stunned and just so confused, all the while waving your hands in the air because the words you're hearing have just spoiled [...]


Apology accepted. Nothing changed. I sat there, paralyzed and struck with a sinking feeling, as I realized that it never had the power to change anything in the first place. I had put my hope in a false vessel and now it was cracking at the base. Desperately scooping up water with my hands, only [...]