I will handle it because I am strong enough to. Rolling around on the floor and screaming about my problems might make me feel temporarily better, but it will do nothing to truly solve the issue. I have felt guilt, hurt, and shame this past week for things that should be beautiful and exciting. I [...]


loving childishness

Childishness is beautiful and pure. You should never have to compromise it to find someone who loves you. Maturity is not defined necessarily by how quiet you are, how stressed you are, or how “adult” you (supposedly) are. Maturity comes from knowing who we are and being able to love ourselves despite any shortcomings others [...]


He sat there, fragile. Lip quivering, eyes welling with tears, he looked at me with pure confusion and longing. I shouldn't have left him there. It was cruel. I knew that he couldn't fend for himself and that he would forfeit in a heartbeat. He was too stupid, too pure, too naive to survive in [...]

missed stakes

If we're so afraid of making mistakes, how are we ever going to take risks? It's not okay to shame people for not getting it right the first time because "they should have known." They didn't have to know everything - we're on this earth all doing our best with what little we've got and [...]