seeds of faith

A leap of faith. Baseless, unfathomable, impossible. In all else we are answered, acknowledged, and assured and yet this one burning question we'll never know for sure. We'll sit there, scratching our heads as our eyes narrow and the gears in our head turn harder and harder. But it's not a matter of thought. It's a [...]


hidden blessings

There is a certain beauty in the unknown. This notion that somehow it will all work out, even in the depths of our despair... if we can hold onto that one sentiment, it all seems so much easier. Your heart twinges a little less and the hole gapes back at you with a little less [...]

hidden treasure

to friendship Always. I always aspire to be the friend you deserve. Intently, intentionally listening because your life matters so much to me and what pains you pains me. My greatest fear is getting used to you, assuming you'll always be there, and taking you for granted. You are so precious to me and to [...]


There are moments when I'll sit, staring at nothing... letting my gaze wander into my soul. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm doing life right, if the moments of doubt aren't bigger indicators of something else going majorly wrong in my life. There are no guidelines, checkboxes, rubrics to life, yet it feels [...]

blinded affection

Relationships are complicated, and rightfully so. But sometimes... just sometimes... you wish things could work out simply, gliding along as each of the pieces fit together perfectly. Instead… it’s a mess. Puzzle pieces are broken and missing and the picture we thought it would be is shattered as we fit the last one into place. [...]