I didn’t deserve to meet you last year. I looked up, in mental disarray at a man who was just as confused about life as I was. And yet, I knew it was not the time. You were too good to be true and I was a small freshman with a lot of insecurities and a [...]



Apology accepted. Nothing changed. I sat there, paralyzed and struck with a sinking feeling, as I realized that it never had the power to change anything in the first place. I had put my hope in a false vessel and now it was cracking at the base. Desperately scooping up water with my hands, only [...]

loving childishness

Childishness is beautiful and pure. You should never have to compromise it to find someone who loves you. Maturity is not defined necessarily by how quiet you are, how stressed you are, or how “adult” you (supposedly) are. Maturity comes from knowing who we are and being able to love ourselves despite any shortcomings others [...]