a writing drought, replenished

Writing is something I hold dear to my heart. It became an outlet for me this past year as I went through intense moments of self-doubt, self-pity, and self-loathing. I wondered whether I deserved the benefits I was reaping from a college admissions system that gave so much but also took so much out of [...]


our gifted dream

I’ve never really met someone whose dream I’ve believed in so strongly. I want you to achieve your dreams, even if they evolve. Especially if they evolve. I trust the person you are, your thoughts, your capabilities, your intentions. And to think that someone as amazing and as qualified as you holds this aspiration is [...]

dust to dust

They waved to me Back and forth so gently almost missed if you weren’t paying your attention your respects they didn’t demand they just were they became subtle cracks in the blank, soft blue canvas an emptiness now filled The silence would briefly pierce the low humming in the back imitating the ocean, but leaving [...]


The words coming out of your mouth... they don't match. It's like watching your favorite show, but it's lagging. The words don't correspond to the words that you hear and you're left feeling stunned and just so confused, all the while waving your hands in the air because the words you're hearing have just spoiled [...]