Why do we try so desperately to prove ourselves to others?

It's a question I've asked myself and been unable to find an answer to. I easily feel threatened when someone disagrees with me. Maybe it's a product of being a part of the "snowflake" generation, but somehow I don't think that's the reason either. I think I have an irrational need and desire for everyone to like me, to accept me, to agree with my ideals. In that, I begin the process of trying to prove myself to them. I do everything to convince them and if I can't, I begin to employ subtle methods of persuasion in daily, passing conversation. It's dumb, I know. Be your own person. I am trying to practice what I preach as we speak, but it's definitely easier said than done – I should know.

"You liked it? I didn't."

I sit there in awe – struck by the possibility that I would have to defend my opinion. But it gives me the rare opportunity to fight for it, to reflect upon my decisions, and to test myself. Do I really believe in what I say or does my insecurity stem from my uncertainty in my stream of consciousness? Who knows. When they tell me they don't agree though, it becomes my chance to conform to their thought process or to let myself stand out, even if it risks my acceptance.

Comfort and acceptance was overrated anyway. Why opt to go with the flow when you can go against the grain? Let's create some new shapes and patterns for a change.


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