who, you?

I walked over to the door, took a deep breath, and opened it with a smile replacing the chagrin I donned before.

“Hi, how are you? I’m so glad you could make it! Marieh, was it? Please please, sit right here. We’ll be with you in a moment.”

I closed the door behind me as I breathed a sigh of resignation. This girl was wearing faded black jeans, so… grey jeans with some gold sandals and a poor excuse for a white blouse. I walked back to the panel and raised my eyebrows at them.

“She’s not dressed properly. Should we even entertain an interview with her?”

“Anah, of course. We have to – do you remember how we first met you?”

I sighed and nodded to signal my silent and quick defeat.

“I get it. I know – if you never gave me a chance after seeing my attire for an interview, I never would have become vice president of this company. We all make our mistakes… fine. Go get her.”

I waved my hand to shoo my secretary. I turned to President Kahr as she grinned. It was supposed to be reassuring but somehow it felt all too familiar – as if it were the start to a scheme.

Marieh walked in with 3 resumes in hand, one sporting a very telling grease stain on the top right corner, another showing off its folded and crumpled edges, and the last clearly making a cry for help before it turned into a replica of the other two.

“Good morning all, my name is Marieh Sutter and I’m here to tell you why I think I would make for a great replacement of Anah Byme.”


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