It is August 8th and I am a little less than 20 days away from stepping foot onto harvard's campus. Summer has spoiled me silly with its endless nights illuminating my face with reflections of "Gossip Girl," "Stranger Things," and "Orange is the New Black." I've immersed myself in worlds that are not my own and allowed myself to make their issues my own. In doing so I've ignored the problems that exist outside. I've avoided social media because it's become overwhelming. I care about the world that I live in and am still trying to figure out what my place in it is. Many of those around me seem to have figured it out – whether in a small or a large capacity. It's absolutely terrifying to be one of the only ones, perceivably, that is still lost and searching. I want to dedicate myself to homelessness, civic engagement, human empowerment, Asian-American rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and religious understanding. But I only have so much time. Some of you who are reading would say: "Why not all? Do it all!" But I have found the dangers in overcommitting myself and spreading myself extremely thin. It becomes a cesspool for disaster and I cannot allow myself to muddy the waters when I am trying so desperately to purify them.


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