vial-ed beauty

I love writing because it is the rare opportunity to wield full control. It is beauty, slowly poured into a delicate vial, its fragility a pushback to our desire to hold it tightly in our hands.


road trip

Amazing. Another day that would end with more additions to her collection of freckles. What a time to be alive that the sun may grant me little kisses on my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. What a time to be alive that I am able to leap out my front door with [...]


I am incredibly fragile. An eggshell would shatter after I did. The slightest flick of your wrist sends me flying against the wall. As I slump to the ground, I see the sheer disappointment in your eyes. To be ignorant would be a blessing for a soul like me.


I can't tell myself that you won't experience dips. It'd be cold to tell you that you won't spend some nights, alone in your bedroom, with the sheets wrapped around your body trembling with momentary lapses of your sense of self worth. I can't wish upon you all the happiness in the world because it [...]